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Welcome to the 2013 Children's Cabinet Report!

Improving the physical & mental wellbeing of New Mexico’s kids!

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Welcome to our online headquarters for the New Mexico Children’s Cabinet!

Here you will find a report card that includes information, data and statistics on issues affecting the children of New Mexico, along with a budget report that outlines the various state government programs that focus on tackling all of the issues we discuss within this report. Read more about The New Children’s Cabinet by clicking on the tab above.

Caring for children by keeping them safe and giving them the tools they need to succeed is a priority of Governor Martinez’s administration. The overall goals of the Children’s Cabinet are to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of New Mexico’s kids, and to provide the public with information describing our efforts, goals, and ideas on what we can all do help make a difference.
Above you will see seven issue areas we have chosen to highlight this year. Over the course of the year, we will continue to update our data and expand on the topic as we progress toward the goals laid out within each area.
We encourage you to dig deeper by clicking on any of these topics listed above. Thank you for visiting the New Mexico Children’s Cabinet website.

Thank you for visiting the New Mexico Children’s Cabinet website.


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If you need to contact the New Mexico Children's Cabinet please contact Alexis Valdez Darnell.

The New Children's Cabinet

As Governor of New Mexico and Chairwoman of the Children’s Cabinet, I would like to introduce you to the Children’s Cabinet.

The purpose of the Children’s Cabinet is to study and make recommendations for the design of programs that will assist the children of New Mexico. Especially among disadvantaged children, there are many areas of need we must acknowledge. The Cabinet is comprised of thirteen individuals that will help us reach these goals: the governor, the lieutenant governor, and secretaries from various departments that have an effect on our children.

Throughout my career, I have served as an advocate for children in need, and I believe that finding ways to improve the health and well-being of our children and families is the key to a brighter future for our state. I am excited by the new, collaborative effort that we are forging between various agencies and departments to tackle a core set of needs that are facing New Mexico’s children.

The key issue areas that we have identified as central challenges that must be overcome to benefit our state’s young people are:

  • Reducing the state’s infant mortality rate
  • Confronting childhood obesity to give all New Mexico children a chance at a healthy life
  • Improving reading readiness so that our kids have a strong foundation for learning
  • Encouraging out-of-system adoption to provide caring families for kids in need
  • Curbing the high school dropout epidemic that is leaving far too many young people struggling to find work and succeed in our economy
  • Stopping the abuse of prescription drugs by teens
  • Educating our students well, so that we can reduce the use of remedial classes in college

The Children's Cabinet is focused on how we can work together to better identify the specific problems that have led to these challenges, as well as solutions and strategies that we can use to confront them. By making our goals, initiatives, and reports available online, we hope to make the Children’s Cabinet an easily accessible and readily available resource for anyone who is interested in learning more about these issues or joining us in the fight to make New Mexico a safer, healthier place for our children and families.

Thank you for visiting the New Mexico Children’s Cabinet website.



Chair of Children’s Cabinet - Susana Martinez, Governor

Cabinet Members

Arthur Allison
Department of Indian Affairs

Tom Clifford, PhD
Finance and Administration

Yolanda Berumen- Deines
Children, Youth and Families

Gorden Eden
Department of Public Safety

Jose Garcia, PhD
Higher Education Department

Veronica Gonzales
Department Cultural Affairs

John Sanchez
Lieutenant Governor

Sidonie Squier
Human Services Department

Brad McGrath, (Interim)
Department of Health

Gregg Marcantel
Corrections Department

Hanna Skandara
Public Education Department

The Children’s Cabinet wants to thank the following staff members who prepared the website submissions.

  • Out of System Adoptions

    • Francine Anaya, CYFD
    • Mary Ellen Bearzi, CYFD

  • Infant Mortality Rate

    • Dan Haggard, CYFD
    • Bobby Lightle, HSD
    • Emelda Martinez, DOH
    • Dianne Rivera, DOH
    • Alexis Avery, DOH

  • Prescription Drug Abuse

    • Michael Landen, DOH

  • Childhood Obesity

    • Patty Morris, DOH
    • Tom Sharmen, DOH
    • Dan Haggard, CYFD

  • Reading Readiness

    • Leighann Lenti, PED
    • Dan Haggard, CYFD

  • Reducing Remedial Classes

    • Glenn Walters, HED

  • Governor’s Video

    • Enrique Knell, CYFD

The New Mexico Children’s Cabinet offers its gratitude to the Casey Family Programs for their technical and financial support in the creation of the Children’s Cabinet Website. The Children’s Cabinet would also like to acknowledge their critical role in fostering families and fostering change, nationally.

Lastly, we want to thank Real Time Solutions for the valuable partnership they have provided in creating a Children’s Cabinet website that will be a critical source of information in improving outcomes for children.

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Director of Operations

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